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Helping to Improve the Performance of Your Home or Building

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MDBPA and its member companies are leaders in high performance construction.  From building design through commissioning and diagnostics testing, our industry helps create high performance buildings, both new and existing.



High performance buildings are more healthy and comfortable to live and work in, are energy efficient, save water, offer greater durability and lower maintenance, and are more valuable than others.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of building performance.



MDBPA members know that constructing and servicing high performance buildings requires advanced training in building science, experienced and educated workers, an understanding of the latest code requirements and best practices, and cutting edge diagnostic tools fit for the job.

Supporting the Success of Industry Companies and Professionals

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Political Advocacy

Representing our members’ business interests and advocating for improved consumer choices.

Networking & Events

Connecting industry professionals through networking events, educational workshops and industry conferences.

Member Benefits

Supporting member education and providing new resources that improve their business climate and bottom line.