Building performance companies and professionals provide products and services that help improve homes and buildings across Maryland.

Industry Companies

Our industry companies improve the design, construction and operations of buildings through products and services that save energy, improve durability and comfort, improve a building’s healthiness and safety, and greatly increase the value of the building. Companies in our industry include:

  • Architects skilled at designing energy efficient, green and high performance homes and buildings.
  • Builders and developers that construct new and retrofit existing homes and buildings to high performance standards.
  • Consultants proficient in diagnosing energy and performance issues in homes and buildings.
  • Product manufacturers and suppliers with materials and tools used to ensure high performance construction.
  • Service providers that assist our industry companies in delivering high performance benefits to their customers.

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Industry Professionals

Our industry is comprised of more than 20,000 trained, certified and experienced industry professionals that help residents and businesses improve the performance of their homes and buildings.  Our industry is growing and more workers are needed to fill the national and state gap in skilled labor.

Workforce Development

Workforce development is one of the four categories of MDBPA’s 2017 – 2018 plan.  Our activities include:

  1. Establish strong industry-supported credentialing, certification and licensing standards.

  2. Market career opportunities to high school, community college and university students.

  3. Improve the perception of career opportunities in our industry’s skilled trade positions.

  4. Offer and promote internship, co-op and apprenticeship programs across the state.

  5. Offer continuing education, networking and other workshops and events.

To support lasting careers for professionals working in our industry, MDBPA:

  1. Regularly surveys industry professionals including company owners and operators to learn about changing hiring and employment trends in our industry.  This valuable data helps us learn what certification and training programs need support, what salaries and benefits are trending so that we can inform interested students, and how educational curricula in place at high schools, colleges and universities across the state can be fine-tuned to address changing needs in our current and future business environment.
  2. Offers a variety of continuing education opportunities through industry conferences, workshops, networking events, online webinars and research.  Visit our Events Calendar for a listing of upcoming events.
  3. Encourages member professionals to participate in Trade Councils and Committees with MDBPA staff and other industry professionals to help resolve important industry issues and form new ideas and opportunities that push our industry forward!