MDBPA began working with its Board of Directors, members and partners in June of 2017 to define the following Strategic Initiatives that will guide the association’s market development work.

1: Improve the design, performance and value of new and existing residential and commercial buildings.

  • Support improvements to minimum building performance standards and codes.
  • Support research and innovation in new products, services and construction practices.
  • Increase the appraised values of high performance homes and buildings.
  • Improve the visibility of high performance building features in MLS directories.
  • Provide useful education and valuation resources to realtors, appraisers and lenders.

2: Protect the current and future business climate of our industry and create new business opportunities for all its companies.

  • Advocate and lobby for policy, legislative and regulatory improvements.
  • Encourage utilities, suppliers and government entities to offer rebates and incentives.
  • Support utility, municipal and state energy saving and performance standards.
  • Establish industry partnerships that bring new opportunities and investments to members.
  • Offer events, programs and awards that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

3: Offer industry professionals career planning, placement, development and continuing education opportunities and resources.

  • Establish strong industry-supported credentialing, certification and licensing standards.
  • Market career opportunities to high school, community college and university students.
  • Improve the perception of career opportunities in our industry’s skilled trade positions.
  • Offer and promote internship, co-op and apprenticeship programs across the state.
  • Offer continuing education, networking and other workshops and events.

4: Provide educational resources to home, building and property owners that encourage their commitment to high performance construction.

  • Promote consumer participation in “building performance” (not “green”) as a brand.
  • Provide free online resources to educate consumers on their building performance options.
  • Initiate advertising and marketing campaigns to promote our industry and its work.
  • Promote the health, safety, durability, environmental and energy benefits our work offers.