MDBPA leads efforts to advocate and lobby for an improved playing field in Maryland’s crowded landscape of policy, legislative and regulatory changes.  Join MDBPA to support out efforts to create a better business environment for your company, its staff and your employees well into the future.

Your Voice Matters

There are many timely local, state and national policy issues that directly impact our member companies and professionals.  These include federal tax overhauls, state mandated building and energy codes, and local workforce and economic development issues.  These issues aren’t just impacting builders and contractors, they affect our industry professionals working in the field and those that work with us.  Product manufacturers, service providers, program administrators, local utilities and other companies are also affected by industry policies and regulations.

MDBPA is active in voicing concerns and taking proactive action in support of energy efficient, green and high performance construction – focusing on impacts to the companies and professionals in our industry.  Our association takes a proactive stance on many of these issues, proposing legislative and regulatory changes that improve our business climate and level the playing field for our industry.  However, the association is only as strong as its members: the more members who participate, the more likely it is that our voices will be heard.

The most important ingredient of a successful association is an active membership that is willing to have its voice heard by the public and by our elected officials. The accomplishments that can be realized through strong, grassroots efforts of our members are limitless.  MDBPA is the industry organizer of these efforts, but we need your voice to make a real impact.

Vote for Elected Officials

Given the importance of local and state politics to our members and the fact that every vote truly does make a difference, elections represent an infrequent but important opportunity for our industry to elect friendly candidates to public office at the local, state and national levels.

In addition to voting in local elections, member professionals can make a big difference in the outcome of important races by directly participating in individual campaigns. This could include making a financial contribution, putting up yard signs, asking your peers to vote for pro-industry candidates, or hosting fundraisers for industry-friendly candidates running in your district.

Meet with Elected Officials

Throughout the year, MDBPA and its members hold meetings with local, state and federal elected officials to discuss issues important to the our association and industry. Having member professionals attend these meetings is an extremely effective way to get our message across. That is because you are their constituents, and you have the unique ability to tell these officials exactly how a given policy affects you and others in the industry.

Testify Before a Council or Committee

Hearings are an opportunity to assert our positions for the public record when policy changes are being considered. In particular, MDBPA and its members have become increasingly involved in building and energy code development over the past two years, and have also begun presenting to state commissions, committees and councils representing energy efficiency policy, utility regulation and more.  The willingness of members to attend these public hearings from time to time and provide testimony on key industry issues is important to influencing the outcomes of policy debates.

Raise Your Voice in Local Media Outlets

Support local, state and national industry advocacy efforts by working with MDBPA to contribute Op-Eds in local media outlets across the state.  Leverage your experience, voice and local connections to gain attention and support for policy, legislative and regulatory issues impacting our industry.  A letter to the editor is an important tool we can use to help educate the public on our issues. Additionally, insofar as elected officials read letters to the editor, they can help influence policy decisions on issues important to the home building industry.

We’ll help you craft effective messages, get them placed in local media outlets and then share them statewide.